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Posted on January 22, 2013


Robert P. Martin is an Attorney with the firm of Bailey and Wyant PLLC of Charleston, West Virginia.

Prior to Mr. James Jensen and Mrs. Janis Jensen’s move to Honduras they gave Mr. Robert P. Martin Power of Attorney in the event either or both parties required the use and or intervention of a third party to protect the parties listed on the Power of Attorney.

Mrs. Janis Gail Jensen died on May 30, 2008 in Belize City, Belize at Belize Health Partners Hospital.  The medical examiner report indicated Mrs. Jensen died of Septic Shock brought on by an inter cranial procedure required to relieve bleeding on Mrs. Jensen’s brain caused by A TVM.

Mr. & Mrs. Jensen had purchased additional health care coverage in Belize through RF&G Insurance owned by the Roe Group of Belize


. RF&G Insurance acts as the agent for sales of said policies for a company out of Miami Florida called Bupa Health Care.

Mrs. Jensen was treated for a period of three weeks prior to her death. Bupa was notified through RF&G Insurance of the emergency nature of Mrs. Jensen’s condition. Bupa notified RF&G that all medical coverage was canceled claiming a 90-day waiting period had not been met and that Mrs. Jensen had failed to accurately disclose any and all previous medical conditions. This included all prior examinations, tests and doctors visits to Belize Health Partners prior to Mrs. Jensen’s death.

In October of 2008 Mr. Jensen and the Estate of Mrs. Janis Gail Jensen received notice from Belize Health Partners and their attorney, Godfrey Smith, that a case had been filed in the Belize Supreme court to collect any all medical bills incurred by Mrs. Jensen through Belize Health Partners.

Robert P. Martin engaged his firm and an attorney from Miami by the name of Bill Thompson to file a civil action against Bupa in Miami on behalf of Mr. James Jensen and the estate of Mrs. Janis Jensen.

Over the course of the next several months, as documents indicate, Robert. P. Martin maintained correspondence with Bupa, RF&G Insurance, Godfrey Smith (representative of Belize Health Partners), attorneys representing the ROE Group of Companies and others.

In February of 2008 the case before the Belize Supreme Court entered a stage of determination of responsibility. Based on a detailed three-page letter sent by email by Robert P. Martin, on the letterhead of the firm Bailey and Wyant, the Supreme Court of Belize determined that this case would wait the results of the Civil Action filed by Bill Thompson against Bupa in Miami, Florida.  Mr. Thompson was now representing the Jensen’s interests in Miami Florida against Bupa.

The Belize Supreme Court accepted the letter that Robert P. Martin sent them as fact and ruled for the Jensen’s.

The Supreme Court of Belize requested documents to support that a civil action had been filed in Miami by Bill Thompson.  Robert P. Martin was requested to produce this document.  Robert P. Martin failed to produce this document and upon further research it was found that attorney Bill Thompson did not exist and that no Civil case was ever filed on behalf Mr. James Jensen or the estate of Mrs. Janis Jensen’s estate in the State of Florida.

Because of this, Mr. Jensen was found liable for $260,000 BZ and said judgment was placed upon his name in the Country of Belize.

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