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Posted on August 25, 2012


Janis and I had decided to purchase extended health care from a company called RF&G Insurance, they are owned by The Roe Group a company in Belize that appeared to offer the financial stability often not found in Belize.

The Roe Group


had 50 million in sales The Rose Group owned resorts Sun Breeze Suits in San Pedro Real Estate Regent Realty Ltd, Madisco Marketing & Distribution Co and RF&G Insurance Company Ltd. RF&G Insurance Company Ltd was the company we purchased our extended health care coverage.

RF&G Insurance Company Ltd was the representative for a company called Bupa with Bupa headquarters being in Miami Florida. Bupa is a leader in international health insurance, corporate, care homes, healthcare, expertise, medical, health, global healthcare, corporate website, bupa, bupa healthcare, doctors, healthcare jobs. Or that is what is claimed on Bupa.com.

Janis and I spent about $10,000 on our health care package through RF&G Insurance Company Ltd and as part of the package a $100,000 life insurance policy was attached for a small fee. We felt with the research we had done that Bupa Health Care offered the best overall health care plan for the both of us.

When Janis fell ill she was flown to Belize Health Partners in Belize City. The facility appeared to be able to handle my wife’s condition. Upon our arrival I notified or tried to notify Bupa in Florida of the events that were unfolding after several attempts to reach Bupa I gave up and called RF&G Insurance in Belize city to come to my aid. Ronda Leckie the then manager arrived at Belize Health Partners with a few hours. She then explained to me that my wife Janis and I were the first clients they had sold this policy and that RG&G were new with Bupa Health care.

With a few hours of calling finally RF&G Insurance representatives returned to explain that Janis and I had full coverage as the policy detailed. Within 12 hours the representatives from RF&G Insurance Company Ltd returned to tell me that all coverage was denied. Why I asked. Well now there was a mystery waiting period and a few other clauses we did not meet in the policy. Bupa was claiming this was a pre existing condition. I do not think bleeding of the brain can be called a pre- existing condition.

At that same time the doctor taking care of Jan took me aside and said get Jan out of her and take her to Honduras. The scanner was down to conduct a complete brain scan, Jains had broken a blood vessel deep inside her brain and that Belize Health Partners did not have the means to treat Jan correctly.

Janis never made it. In the following days my attorney in the US robert P. Martin of Bailey & Wyant in West Virginia became involved. Once Bailey & Wyant contacted Bupa in Florida suddenly the person at Bupa reviewing this case was gone on a months vacation. Similar effect came forth from RF&G and The Rose Group of Belize.

Within weeks of Janis death Belize Health Partners took civil action against me in the supreme court in Belize. A case which I lost to do the fact that Bailey & Wyant and Robert P. Martin an attorney failed to be able to file a civil case against Bupa in Florida. The result I was handed a $200,000 plus judgement against me. 

My name is James Fredrick Jensen I am a Canadian that lived in Belize on the Island of San Pedro, this is another chapter of my Novella about the time that past after my Wife Janis Died in Central America.

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