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Posted on August 12, 2012


BUPA Health Insurance Reviews

My name is James Fredrick Jensen I am a Canadian that lived in Belize on the Island of San Pedro, this another chapter of my Novella about the time that past after my Wife Janis Died in Central America.

After my wife Jan’s passing the battle now continued with RF&G Insurance and Bupa Health Care of Miami. During this time Belize Health Partners were beginning to put pressure on me to pay the over $200,000 bill for health care services provided for Jan.

My Attorney’s in Belize had become concerned about the lack of documentation from my Attorney Robert P. Martin of Bailey & Wyant, PLLC about the ongoing legal action against Bupa Insurance Company – Miami, Florida. More requests came forth and Robert P. Martin of Bailey & Wyant, PLLC failed to produce a single document about the pending case with Bupa Insurance Company.

My review of BUPA Health Insurance Reviews is that a clearer explanation or disclosure of terms needs to be forced upon the independent agents that represent Bupa Health Insurance World Wide. In my case RF&G Insurance of Belize sold my wife Jan and I our ex pat insurance plan. No time during the sales process was the 90 day waiting period from RF&G Insurance or BUPA Health Insurance been disclosed.

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Prior to the insurance taking effect BUPA Health Insurance did do an investigation into both my wife Janice and my health history. Which I assume is normal at the ages we were at at the time.

When became ill it was clearly explained in the BUPA Health Insurance policy that prior to any health care we were to contact BUPA Health Insurance and inform them of the situation.

With BUPA Health Insurance Card in hand I began the process of attempting to get through to BUPA Health Insurance. Once that was accomplished they could not find my policy and the number on the card was not valid.

Considering my was was in a critical state this added enormous pressure. As a last resort I contacted my Attorney Robert P. Martin of  Bailey & Wyant, PLLC for help. It took Attorney Robert P. Martin till the next day to sort out what was going on. In my wife Jan’s condition we moved ahead to get her medical care right away.

Once Bupa Health Insurance Company got back to us in Belize the only message was all coverage was denied. No reason, no explanation. Attorney Robert P. Martin pursued and answer from the Bailey & Wyant, PLLC office on West Virginia nothing. The person we should talk to is on vacation. Then whom we ask made this decision to deny coverage?

At the end my review of  BUPA Health Insurance is this that Bupa was paid in full for Jan’s Health Insurance Coverage. That is about all the service I received from BUPA Health Insurance they cashed my check.

At the end of this part of the story Attorney Robert P. Martin failed to perform his duties and my wife Janis died due to the fact BUPA Health Insurance did not provide the health care promised in what we purchased. I ended up with a $200,000.00 judgement against me. Yet the story continues to this day between myself James Fredrick Jensen and Attorney Robert P. Martin

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