James Fredrick Jensen (ACES) Belize Relationship

Posted on July 23, 2012


My name is James Fredrick Jensen I am a Canadian that lived in Belize on the Island of San Pedro, this is another chapter of my Novella about the time that past after my Wife Janis Died. This chapter covers in multiple parts my relationship with the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary of Belize located in Punta Gorda.

I first met Vince and Cherie Chenot Rose a few weeks after my wife Jan’s funeral services on the Island of San Pedro in Belize. I was introduced to the Rose’s my Tamara Sniffen the Publisher of the San Pedro Sun


. Tamara had read the eulogy at my wife Jan’s service, it was heart spoken with many tears from all.

Tamara Sniffen told me about these crocodile hunters from Punta Gorda a young american couple that had built a sanctuary in Punta Gorda Belize to protect Crocodiles. They the Roses Vince and Cherie traveled all over Belize with the Belize forest service rescuing crocodiles. The Roses were on the Island of San Pedro to capture a Crocodile that had become a problem in a lagoon on a populated area.

The hunt as I observed for most of the week the Roses were in San Pedro appeared like a short out of a Steve Erwin television special. A lot of stalking around setting traps and no Croc for Vince and Cherie Rose to take back. About the time they were to leave the island they caught a croc. This became a media event for San Pedro, Police and spectators swarmed to the place the Crocodile was trapped.

Quickly the Roses found themselves short on resources, like a truck, a boat and helping hands. I called around and a few friends showed up, we loaded this Croc in the back of a truck and made plans to have the Croc and the Roses transported back to the mainland in Belize City. From there the Roses would load the Croc on there truck and back to Punta Gorda. Looking like they both Roses needed a beer I took the Roses back to my Liquor Store and took care of that thirst with Liquor Box trade mark ICE BEER.

We talked and Cherie Rose told me she always wanted to open a Liquor Store in Punta Gorda Belize. I told them I would make a trip down and see if it made sense. Vince and Cherie owned a building and I had the Liquor Connections and shipment that could supply such a joint venture as I saw it.

A while past I decided to fly to Punta Gorda and spent some time with the Roses. Jan my wife and I had been to Punta Gorda once before with Tamara from the San Pedro Sun on a junket to see how Chocolate was made and Jan had an interest in a small farmer that was building a Cocoa co-op.

Vince and Cherie had taken a piece of jungle and built an amazing home and other building they planned to run a an eco resort. They also built croc pens fed by the river as a natural habitat for the crocodiles. I spent a number of days the Roses the resort was basic but well equipped. The nights a little scary Howler Monkey’s screaming all night from the trees and crocodiles crunching on stuff made sleep hard to find.

We mutually decided that we had a fit, the Roses had a building I new the business so I invested $37.000.00 BZ into the operation to help start the liquor business known as Adiferous Wines and Liquors. The first step was to wire transfer $10,000.00 BZ to the Roses bank account in Punta Gorda.

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