Belize Fugitive – James Jensen – Likes | Facebook

Posted on July 16, 2012


Belize Fugitive – James Jensen – Likes | Facebook

My name is James Fredrick Jensen I am a Canadian that lived in Belize on the Island of San Pedro, this is another chapter of my Novella about the time that past after my Wife Janis Died in Central America.

Now back in Honduras my life had become at ease to some degree. This was a special place my wife Jan enjoyed. We had a small beach house outside of the city in Honduras. Every day that I entered the house I can feel Jan around me. She loved the warm Honduran nights and watching storms come across the bay during Hurricane season. Those days had long pasted.

Jan remains an amazing woman in my life, I know without her and others I would not be able to tell my story.

While I was safe in Honduras my attorney and others did not share the same interest. E-mails kept coming from those hunting me. Wanted posters were posted on-line and at border crossings. Not sure what they thought would happen by now most new the truth.

My hunters continued setting up a FaceBook site, Belize Fugitive – James -Jensen Likes | Facebook you will find my information. I am not proud of this mess I let myself into.

During that time I received and e-mail from Penny, Robert Martin’s girlfriend at the time through all of this. In previous posts I have talked about how Penny and Robert Martin had asked me for a loan to help them with the purchase of a another piece of property in Belize on the Island of San Pedro.

I liked Penny a lot could not figure out the relationship it was sometimes strained. Robert P. Martin and Penny had purchased a hotel on the Island of San Pedro in Belize. Penny had named the property The Pink Motel & Hideaway. Often Martin and Penny would come to Belize to take care of the Motel a lot of work was needed. Martin had put one of his son’s in charge which did not work out.

This was always a more stress full time then a vacation for both of them. Both were pouring a lot of money to fix The Pink Motel, Penny had her ideas and Bob has his. Stress was always related to money. For a time I took over the handling of the money and collecting from the few guests they ever had. The Pink Motel had a bar which I supplied Liquor to through the Liquor Box which I owned at the time in San Pedro Belize.

I stopped helping with The Pink Motel in San Pedro Belize because I found myself putting money in to make up for short falls. They continued with their dream of owning an island resort. The history of the The Pink Motel was it was a Brothel in its day. Outside of the main town of San Pedro. Sadly in Bob and Penny’s absence and left to other to run The Pink Motel it was slowly heading back in that direction. 


Penny’s e-mail to me was a shock at first not sure what this was about. Still as I read it today I wonder why she sent it. I liked Penny a lot I think if her e-mail is true about Bob Martin as the headline of the e-mails start. They argued often in Belize Penny and Bob, yes I was shocked to read Penny’s e-mail stating that Bob had broker her nose in a fight.

I hope you are safe and found a new life Penny. I am still searching for mine.

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