Bailey & Wyant P.L.L.C James Jensen Belize Case

Posted on July 16, 2012


Now the time has come me to move on with my life. My name is James Fredrick Jensen and this is my Novella about my life and times in Belize and Honduras in Central America.

I left Belize for my Home in Honduras after Bail was granted and my Passport handed to me by the Supreme Court Judge that granted me bail in Belize City.

The story now continues after I am freed from Hattieville Central Prison in Belize and I have returned to my home in Honduras.

Upon arrival to Honduras I was shocked again by an e-mail from Robert P Martin and Godfrey Smith it contained a home made wanted poster for me. Not from the Belize Government this was a personal note and message to me. I was being hunted.

Placing a bounty on some ones life in Central America can and is a death warrant. $20,000 US is 20 years wages for some in Central America. This was a serious event that was needed to be dealt with.

My business interests have grown to the point I have visibility in Honduras today. I am now friends with Police and other authorities, needing my work visa’s and traveling with some freedom. The visibility is not good I am still hunted by these people from my past life.

For a time I have lived with men with guns at my side in my home and every place I Travel. While I am still protected with men with guns a new protector has taken me under his wing. I am protected now by my Compadre as the spanish call it. A man with influence and power in Honduras. My protector my trusted friend.

Many have asked me about taking Legal action in the US. No one cares to be honest. Read my story would you defend me? I did write the senior partners  at Bailey & Wyant P.L.L.C Attorneys At Law in Charleston. We tried a few lawyers called Bob Martin a few newspapers interviewed him yes nothing happened just more hate e-mails.

I wrote both Charles R. “Chuck” Bailey and David L. Wyant of Bailey & Wyant P.L.L.C


. Included all the information about my case in Belize and the events that occurred around my case with Robert P. Martin and his representation in this my case in Belize. Perhaps they could have shed some light on what happened I thought. Most of the documents I have posted on line about Robert Martin were sent from the offices of Bailey & Wyant P.L.L.C. Those following this story also have seen the unlimited use of Bailey & Wyant P.L.L.C. letter head in all of the writings by Robert P. Martin.  I have never got an answer out of Robert Martin of why this happened. 

As I have started many of these chapters in this Novella I need to correct a few points about me. Yes I am a Canadian however I lived my entire life in the US.

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