Jim Jensen Freed From Hattieville Central Prison Belize

Posted on July 15, 2012


My name is James Fredrick Jensen I am a Canadian that lived in Belize on the Island of San Pedro, this is another chapter of my Novella about the time that past after my Wife Janis Died in Central America. The story now continues after I am freed from Hattieville Central Prison in Belize.

When I left Hattieville Central Prison in Belize I was sad hard for most to understand. I was accepted and protected in Hattieville Central Prison. An entire organization of corruption keeps the Prison running. I had money which was the only reason at the time of me leaving the entire cell block was with great joy I left all the money I had for my Cell mates.

I had won something for a change.

 Something for most in Hattieville Central Prison a day they will never see. I was with drug loads and  killers all waiting for some fleeting hope of freedom. Some had been on remand in this place for three years. Lawyers had taken all their money and they never had there day in court.

That day walking out of Hattieville Central Prison I was met by the woman who had arranged everything and cared for me every day while I was in Hattieville Central Prison. We flew back to the Island of San Pedro in Belize. The Island was shocked to see me, they had seen the news and herd the stories and never thought they would ever see me again.

Yes my US attorney thought he had me and the young couple from Punta Gorda


shared the concerns my US attorney had about me being free. E-mails were ramped between them all.

I was to check in with the San Pedro Police twice a week part of my Bail. The Judge set this so that when I decided to leave Belize I had a week before anything would happen.

I walked into Belize Bank and wanted my money that was held as part of this claim I was Laundering money. Within a week and some legal work my accounts were opened. Cleaned out the accounts and prepared to head to Honduras. I planned how to leave Belize, few new about my life in Honduras. When I left they thought I went back to the US or Mexico.

A friend took me out of Belize, got my exit stamp on my Passport and left for Honduras. A long boat ride that was.

Within days of arriving in Honduras I get an e-mail from my US attorney, the young couple from Punta Gorda with an attached wanted poster for me with a bounty. The wanted poster was not made by the Belize authorities this was a private message to me from them. It stated that I was wanted for Prostitution, Money Laundering and having something to do with my wife Jan’s death. The poster was made by the woman who owned the newspaper in San Pedro Belize.

They even posted the wanted poster on FaceBook Jim Jensen Wanted.

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