James Fredrick Jensen Belize What a Mess

Posted on July 15, 2012


My name is James Fredrick Jensen I am a Canadian that lived in Belize with my wife Janis. We were retired and moved to Central America and Belize to begin our new life.


My wife Jan died from a Brain Aneurysm a few years after we arrived in Central America. All attempts were made to save her life. Sadly she passed. Jan is still an amazing woman in my life I feel without her sprit around me I would have died in Belize if it was not for Jan.

After her death many came and wanted to buy our business, little did they understand what we had built in those years. The Island of San Pedro in Belize is kind of a place of a lot of gossip and talk about everyone. Jan and I seldom left our time for that.

I was sued by the hospital that treated Jan. The ex pat health insurance we had purchased from a company in Florida called Bupa did not cover any of Jan’s $265,000 in medical bills. I was left to fight the case on my own.

Since that time a lot has been said about me on-line. Told through the voice of only three people that needed to hide what they had done. Three years have since past for that time in my life. On-line the stories they told remain. All without fact or a single document to support the claims about me. 

I have spent the last years without taking one action against them. Oh tried Lawyers and other means all to no end. I have collected and sorted through hundred of pages of documents and e-mails to now tell my story about these people on-line.

Each chapter of this Novella will tell my story and the truth of the events that have happened to me. I am not alone in writing this Novella, the woman who found me is far away for her safety. Still today I have a bounty on my life placed by those that have told there story about me on-line. 

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