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Posted on July 15, 2012


My name is James Fredrick Jensen I am a Canadian that lived in Belize on the Island of San Pedro, this is the fourth chapter of my Novella about the time that past after my Wife Janis Died in Central America.

As my case for Jan’s Health Insurance appeared to be under control. Robert Martin had the situation in hand. We have Attorney Bill Thompson in Florida who had filed legal actions in Florida against Bupa the Health Insurance. The Belize Supreme Court was satisfied with our attempts in the US to take Bupa to court. They would wait for the filings to be sent to them.

Time past and the Supreme Court of Belize and my Attorney’s asked for copies of the filing in Florida against Bupa from my attorney. My trusted Attorney from West Virginia never produced them. We found that in time yes an attorney named Bill Thompson did exist  Further we investigated by calling the courts in Florida only to find that no actions had ever been filed by my US attorney on my behalf.


This placed me in a bad position and my Attorney’s in Belize as well. We had taken the documents supplied by Robert Martin on Bailey & Wyant P.L.L.C on the law firms letter head letter head as fact supplied by my US attorney Robert P. Martin and submitted them to the Supreme Court in Belize as part of the ongoing case process.

I never let my US attorney Bob Martin know that no case had ever been filed in Florida. I was confused thinking it must be one of his ideas as a legal defense he would share with me. Or perhaps he did not even think he made a mistake were we stalling for more time so he could prepare the US case better.

Finding myself to have lied by submitting the documents supplied by my US attorney to the Supreme Court of Belize, this case was now in serious trouble. I am an ex pat living in Belize a time of great concern for me. I made plans to be safe. I moved most of my money to Honduras. The sale of the Liquor Box was a mistake I now had $125,000.00 US cash sitting in Belize. If I lost my legal battles with Belize they would be quick to take that money.

More concerns further grew now finding myself involved with a NGO The BEED FUND that was not completely finishing being organized and approved by the IRS in the US as an 501 C. Yet we are in Belize the young couple Punta Gorda and my US attorney were actively promoting and raising money. To the point that my attorney Bob Martin  donated $20,000 US to this NGO BEED FUND to be able to tell his friends of this great tax right off he has developed.


Jan and I when we first moved to Central America had made Honduras our base camp. We have a nice beach home we rented and I saw Honduras as a safe haven. That was now my plan be prepared.

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