A Message To Judith Alpuche From Vivian Trill

Posted on August 5, 2010


Ms. Trill,Since you say your organisation is tech savey, please send me a link to your website and reveal your email so people can share information and comments with you. You are making very serious allegation but appear to be hiding behind a vail of virtual anonymity.J. Alpuche sent you this message when he/she read your press release:

In response to Ms. Alpuche


What has she done?

Dear Ms. Alpuche,In answer or response of your e-mail. You had my e-mail account that is how you contacted me. First no one has a problem locating our e-mail accounts or web sites. Obviously your own Tech Savvy skills are lacking behind those of most of your country men. We are far from hiding in any way, we have public sites that are easy to find.
Perhaps Google Search would help you in this task. We are daily in touch with Belize residents via blogs, e-mail and, in the main, they are of the view that Belize has a definitive human trafficking issue. They continue to contact us on the issue as they pursue their own anti-trafficking course.I would hope that a person of the stature you have in the Belize Government would have the skill not to send e-mail questions riddled with spelling mistakes.As you know, there have been no human trafficking convictions in Belize since 2005.  Clearly, our campaign does not rely on allegations. 5 years of on the ground work and documented findings. Perhaps is you stopped raising money for your work and did something about the problem that would be a start.We have offered to work in partnership with Belize to address human trafficking.  I want to assure you the offer stands.  We are only the messengers and can turn our tech savvy to assist you in addressing human trafficking in Belize. If you looked at the problem and solved it, your Belize as a country would have Global Admiration. Instead nothing happens.Throughout this project we have had respect of the issues of Belize and have not named named or posted documents we have obtained over the years.I have a number of questions for you such as accountability of the funds you have obtained for the fight against Human Trafficking?
  1. Why your department has no web site covering this area, yet you are well funded through various means and grants.
  2. What have you actually accomplished in your position?
  3. The Corp. you are the CEO of, how is that related to the Belize Government and how and who manages the funds?

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