A Canadian Fighting Human Trafficking

Posted on August 2, 2010


A Canadian-led team of global network experts has placed the Belize human trafficking superhighway under world scrutiny in only six weeks, Organization for Responsible Tourism (ORT) President Vivian Trill today announced.

Normally, marketing prominence of this type would take up to five years. Betty Philips and a small team of international IT experts achieved Internet and social media dominance in record time for its campaign to stop human trafficking in Belize and are marking the occasion by calling on all Canadians to help grow the worldwide online movement.“As a Canadian, I know the more Canadians know about the life of Belize human trafficking victims — how they are propelled into slavery and commercial sexual exploitation, what puts them there, what keeps them there — the more Canadians will want to join the growing worldwide lobby to defeat the Belize human trafficking superhighway,” said Philips.Belize is a corridor for drug and human trafficking in Central America and beyond. Thousands of people are annually shuttled across and within its borders, bringing its victims to a life of slavery and desperation. A vast number of victims are young women, trapped and working in forced prostitution in Belize bars.The ORT campaign is distinct from other human trafficking drives. It does not ask for money; it asks for action. “We are asking for Canadians’ continued support of our efforts to close down human trafficking in Belize. Email, twit, blog, use any of your social networks to stop human trafficking victims winding up in forced prostitution in Belize.”.To address human trafficking in Belize, ORT has called for a number of anti-trafficking measures, including tightening immigration systems at corrupt and porous borders. ORT has a worldwide following for its Belize tourism boycott, gaining traction daily with travel and tourism industries as well as travelers.“Canadians are known around the world for addressing injustice when they see it,” said ORT President Vivian Trill. “I add my invitation for as many Canadians as possible to join the ORT campaign to stop human trafficking in Belize.”Originally from Orillia Ontario, Philips earned degrees at the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.For the full story on Betty Philips and the fight to stop human trafficking in Belize, see the Vivian Trill Blog. For further information on the campaign to stop Belize human trafficking see the Huntinghumantraffickers website.ORT promotes traveling for a better world.

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