Vivian Trill???s (ORT) Belize Boycott Ramps UP Human Trafficking

Posted on July 1, 2010




When we started the Campaign to Stop Human Trafficking in Belize we knew we were on the right track when we saw how much traction we got on the search engines.  Clearly, there is a lot of interest in stopping the human trafficking superhighway – Belize.Five years ago, when I met El Cazador, we thought that something like this might be possible.  When he told me the stories of girls he had hunted and recovered from the human trafficking system, I knew I was talking to someone who had seen the trafficking underground up close.I also knew that I had some IT skills and experience from a past life and I felt compelled to offer what I could.  But first I had to get the whole picture.  Who was doing this to the human trafficking victims  – putting girls into forced prostitution?  How were they first lured, then trapped and moved across borders?  Who are the guilty people? Who just lets this happen?Talk is one thing but seeing human trafficking hell right in front of you is another.First, he took me to the safe house he and a kind Honduran woman have established for girls he has hunted and recovered.  I heard their stories, of how they were duped into leaving their villages only to find themselves trapped in forced prostitution in ficha bars in Orange Walk or Belize City.  How they lost their freedom and their sense of self worth – often blaming themselves for what happened.El Cazador showed me the borders where immigration officials openly took bribes while carloads of human trafficking victims sailed through the crossing as if their drivers were going through a North American fast food drive-through.  Melchor was the first, followed by Jalacte and others.And he took me to see the families of girls who he and his team had recovered and returned home. These were in villages in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.  We paid visits to safe houses in Livingston, Guatemala, which is a stopover safe place on the El Cazador hunting route to Honduras.And he showed me San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, in Belize.  Big Daddy’s Night Club, owned by the Mayor and her brother, is a hub for human trafficking for the district.  Drugged, beaten and sad-eyed girls are always on offer there against their will.With your help we  are working to stop human trafficking hell for these girls.We’re just getting started.  Boycotting tourism in Belize is an idea that is flash-firing through the Net. Our sources tell us that tourism in Belize is already taking a hit.   The Belize government is bombarded daily with our Appeals. We continue to offer to work in partnership with Prime Minister Dean Barrow to address human trafficking

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