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Posted on June 30, 2010


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Using the power of the most democratic tool available today:  Web, Email, Twit, blog and using your social networks to get the message out. The message?  A community demanding a stop to sexual enslavement of girls in the human trafficking industries of Belize, Honduras and Guatemala.Over the last few months we launched a campaign that directly cuts at the heart, path and routes of Human Trafficking in Central America. Boycotting Belize Tourism seems like a harsh approach to dealing with a problem. The Boycott has taken on the love of the Internet followers. Groups, Organizations and Followers have created a web around the country of Belize.



I Love Belize as a country, the people am very special for me. Over the years I have met hundred of supporters for my cause. Sadly at back room seedy bars, not in front of the public. In the past a bad government ran the country into the ground and stole the peoples money. Musa the past Prime Ministers has hidden behind his country apron of corruptions and payoff’s. Leaving the new Prime Minster of Belize a mess the clean up and deal with.


Dean Barrow is a good man. I have said that in many of my Press Releases and articles about Belize. My appeal is simple I see so many web sites promoting the cause of Human Trafficking, I support the work they do. I am different I want to see measurable results.


Dean Barrow

Don’t donate money.  Donate action I feel these words best describe at least for my interests is take action about Belize’s Human Trafficking problems. Offer support and put pressure on the country to take simple cost effective steps that will make an enormous change QUICKLY.One country at a time not the entire world is all I ask my followers to consider.Vivian Trill

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