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Posted on June 29, 2010


Livingston Guatemala – No Human Trafficking!


livingston Guatemala

Livingston, Guatemala is an overlooked island gem on the Caribbean side of the country.  Clean beaches, great food and good prices combine to please the visitor with authentic town experience.  This is no Disney-like resort.  It lets the traveler take in at leisure the blend of Garifuna, Mayan and Spanish influences there.I have come to know and love Livingston, not only for its relaxed daily tempo, kind people and beautiful vistas.  This is a town with a code of its own, enforced in a grassroots way by the people who live there.Livingston’s strong community code does not permit human trafficking.  So you will find no trafficked girls in their  bars or any place of employment.  In fact, Livingston is a stopover safe haven on the El Cazador route to Honduras.  In Livingston I have seen first-hand the kindness of families who shelter trafficked girls, hunted and recovered by El Cazador.Livingston’s community code makes for a safe community.  Many times I have walked alone from the beach at night without fear for my safety.  A few years ago, the community determined that they would no longer tolerate the drug culture that had accumulated over the years. It was banished overnight.  They have an internal wisdom and responsibility for one another that makes Livingston a safe place for themselves and for visitors.If you want a good guide, I recommend Apollo, distinctive in his Rastafarian style, kind and generous in his philosophy.   And he really knows the town and surrounding area well.  You can often find him on the dock when you land.The Police take care of people in Livingston even girls who have been trafficked. Most have been taken from Belize and easily taken past Belize Immigration and to the safety of Guatemala.Enjoy Livingston it is a wonderful safe haven.

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