No support from TripAdvisor re Human Trafficking in Belize

Posted on June 29, 2010



How can you trust them if they filter everything

The Organization for Responsible Tourism Campaign against human trafficking is disappointed to find itself shut out by TripAdvisor.  We have received official notification from them that their site will not carry reviews containing information about human trafficking in Belize.Here is a direct quote from an email sent by the TripAdvisor Support Team:“Thank you for your review. We have opted not to publish your review, as it does not meet our guidelines for traveler reviews. Human Trafficking is not a topic of interest for our readership.This is an insult to their traveler readership, which we believe have a deep interest in addressing human trafficking.Worse still, Travel Advisor positions it as a responsible guide to international travelers.  A travel site maintaining human trafficking is not their concern or of interest to their readers is not a responsible or credible source for travel advice.  Their view is perplexing given Belize’s human trafficking Tier 2 Watch List status, designated by the American government.   Also mystifying given the Belize tourism boycott now has increasingly strong international attention.Belize is a corridor for human trafficking in Central America and beyond.  Thousands of people are annually shuttled across and within its borders, bringing its victims to a life of slavery and desperation.  A vast number of the victims are young women working in forced prostitution in Belize bars, many of them in resort towns like San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.If Travel Advisor maintains human trafficking in Belize is not their concern or of interest, their travel advice cannot be taken as responsible or reliable.However, other sites offering travel reviews have engaged the issue of Human Trafficking compared to the no go status of  TripAdvisor.

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