Vivian Trill Delivers Human Trafficking Appeal to Belize Prime Minister

Posted on June 28, 2010



In submitting this appeal to the Belize government, I am urging the Dean Barrow government to act immediately to address human trafficking along and within its borders.Specifically, I am endorsing the-noted anti-trafficking measures regarding: prosecution of traffickers; improvement to immigration policy and practices; and strengthening and enforcing liquor license laws in Belize.This supplementary report and appeal provides more details on our key recommendations:  tightening immigration and strengthening and enforcing liquor license laws. The suggestions will bring an immediate change in the area of Human Trafficking measured results.Immigration –The basic problem is the human traffickers count on a bribery system to keep the steady flow of trafficked girls moving across borders.Here are some inexpensive and simple ways to address human trafficking in Belize.Guard the border guards — establish and enforce border protocols:Follow procedures of the functional computer system that keeps track of who goes in and out of the countryCameras that monitor border staffFrequent immigration department inspectionsTraining for border staffPenalties and enforcement of penalties, including criminal prosecution and conviction for all border staff who take bribes, including their superiors.Recently, the Organization for Responsible Tourism submitted a report and appeal to the Belize government, urging them to implement a number of measures to fight human trafficking.

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