Organization for Responsible Tourism Boycott Belize

Posted on June 23, 2010


Tourism industry under attack, but BTB officials unfazed


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Friday, 11 June 2010Last night we told you about the organisation which has launched a campaign to drive a stake through the heart of Belize’s economy. The international group, named the Organization for Responsible Tourism, has called on tourists to boycott travelling to Belize.  The group says the Government of Belize has failed to show any commitment in the fight against Human Trafficking, and for that it should be punished.  On Tuesday, the organisation started to spread the message of a boycott through its contacts with several international press, and word has spread rapidly.The call to boycott Belize is no simple act of bad mouthing, it’s a serious offensive that could cripple, if not, destabilise Belize’s number one service sector revenue earning industry.  The Tourism sector contirbutes almost $200 million in revenue to the economy, which makes up almost 20% of Government’s Gross Domestic Product.  The industry also contributes to over 25% of jobs.We expected Belizean tourism officials to be up in arms over the situation, in fact we expected them to have already issued an officials statement or response to the group, but it hasn’t happened yet.Today, when we contacted the Belize Tourism Board in Belize City, we were told that the BTB is aware of the organization and its campaign.  But the BTB is not ready to comment until a detailed investigation is done to find out who the group is.  BTB officials told us they suspect the group – Organisation for Responsible Tourism – is a fictitious one.  They have tried finding out where the group is located but no information has been found.But fictitious or not, “news” of a tourist boycott on Belize is spreading on the web, and spreading fast.  We were also unable to find any background information on the organisation.Response from the Organization for Responsible TourismOrganization for Responsible Tourism has made every attempted contact Belize officials without answer. An appeal was sent directly to the Prime Minister. A complete document offering solid suggestions on how Belize can be moved from a Tier 2 watch list country to a Tier 2 non watch list country.

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