Belize Tourism Boycott Flags Ambergris Caye For Human Trafficking

Posted on June 14, 2010



The fight against human trafficking in Belize through a tourism boycott was strengthened today with the launch of a targeted campaign against the Town of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, the Organization for Responsible Tourism (ORT) has announced.While the country of Belize is targeted for tourism boycott due to its record as the worst human trafficking violator in Central America, the Town of San Pedro has been designated by ORT as a red flag no-go zone for tourists.A Mecca for ficha bars, which are establishments specializing in exploiting women victims of human trafficking, the Town of San Pedro counts ninety exploitation bars for a population of 12,000.A local ficha bar, Big Daddy’s Night Club, is a depot for off-loading human trafficking victims. It is among the worst human trafficking offenders in the country.  Owned by the town mayor, Elsa Paz and her brother George Paz, the prostitution and drug center is allowed to operate freely and openly.ORT has learned of one instance of human trafficking involving a Big Daddy’s employee named “JUNIOR” who kept a young Mexican woman imprisoned for six months, trading her for prostitution profits and drugs.  She told ORT that some nights she had forced sex with up to 15 men.  When the woman was able to free herself and report the crime, there was no help as the authorities in this case were Mayor Paz and her brother.  The Mayor also has an understanding with local police, to the point where officers provide security at Big Daddy’s.

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